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Doing What You Enjoy In Your Business

Olivia Chiong, The Unbusy Entrepreneur

If you've completed the previous exercise to track your time, you should now have a better idea of your productivity, as well as where the sticking points are. This section will help you plan a process design for you and your business.

The key to designing a process that works is YOU. So let's start with what you hate about your business and how much time are you spending on them.

What do you actually want to be doing in your business? Ask yourself the following questions:

- On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with the tasks you are currently doing?

- Do you have the right balance of products and services?
- Are your products and services being sold at the right price point?
- Are there any products you wish to change?

- Do you have the right clientele?
- Are they able to afford your services?
- How many client orders do you need in order to achieve your monthly revenue target?

- Is your business structure the best it can be?
- Do you need to hire more staff or downsize?
- What processes can you systemise and automate with technology?

- Are you comfortable and happy with your brand?
- Is there anything you can improve on?
- Do you need to revamp your website?

Social media
- Do you have a social media presence?
- Do you need to build your fan base?

- Are you attending enough industry events?
- Do people know who you are?

Evaluate each of these items over the coming months. By working on each item, you are switching from working in the business to working on the business, a change that will ultimately benefit both you and your business.

The ideal scenario will see you spending 80% of your time on the areas of the business that you like, and supervising the parts you do not like for the remaining 20%. In order to achieve this, you need to start designing a process to outsource that 20%.

This article was originally posted on the Unbusy Entrepreneur blog.

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